My interest is in the physical manifestation of psychological fantasies.

Current projects involve the accumulation of signs related to these fantasies. The invention and collection of these items are fueled by the paradigm of a precocious boyhood. I am dealing with a vocabulary that riffs off the most easily identifiable, and therefore most problematic masculine tropes from male culture, such as: muscles, cars, cartoons, politics, celebrity, mass consumption and fast food. Within this type of visual communication, crass commercialism has a powerful influence.

My work, when most effective, complicates the viewer's relationship to this fascinatingly aggressive and seductive type of propaganda. It is effective to display certain types of objects, some identifiable, some ambiguous, that build the viewer up and break them down simultaneously. Like the effect of most advertisements on any individual, one feels insulted and compelled to participate at the same time.

My work carries a specific aesthetic that is graphic and frontal (like my source material), but through sculptural modes, materials, and forms of presentation, it asserts a sharp, absurd humor while simultaneously challenging the viewer's set of values regarding gender, politics, and pollution.